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  1. The Henderson County Detention Center is responsible to inventory, catalogue and store all property belonging to individuals detained within this facility.
  2. Each inmate will receive an initial issue of the following: 1 Inmate Uniform, 1 Mattress, 2 Sheets, 1 Blanket, and 1 Body Towel. If any of these items are destroyed or altered the inmate is responsible for the monetary replacement.
  3. Each inmate on initial intake will receive 1 three-day hygiene pack consisting of: 1 Toothbrush, 1 Small Bar of Soap, and 1 Small Tube of Toothpaste.
  4. Any inmate that is declared indigent may request through the requisition process hygiene items and one pair of shower shoes.
  5. All property belonging to inmates is stored within a hanging bag.  If property exceeds the capacity of the hanging bag, it is considered excess and is subject to removal. One layer of clothing for transport and release of inmates are stored in the hanging bag.  In the event that property is labeled as excess, once the inmate is notified,  the inmate has 30 days to have the property removed from the facility either by mailing it out (at inmate’s expense), having it picked up or by donation to a local charity.
  6. Inmates who are transferred or released have 30 days to have property picked up or mailed out at their expense. Any property not picked up or mailed out within 30 days will be considered abandoned property and will be discarded or donated. Transferred Federal inmates are only authorized legal materials and a bible.
  7. The following is a list of items that are authorized within the facility; Inmates may have these items if the items came with the inmate from another institution or these items may be purchased through commissary services.
Approved Items:
(1)Watch (no greater than $50 value)
Personal hygiene items (institutionally approved)
(5) White T-Shirts
(5) White Undergarments
(5) White Bras (no underwire) Female Only
(5) White or Black Hair Ties
(5) Pair White Socks
(5) Pair White Thermal Underwear Sets
(1) Street Shoes lace up or slip on
(1) Shower Shoes
(1) AM/FM Radio with ear buds (No CD or MP3 players)
  1. Unopened commissary items are permitted for inmates transferring from other facilities as long as it is comparative to items sold within this facilities canteen.
  2. Medical items such as medical alert band, eyeglasses, dentures and prosthetics are authorized but subject to search and possible medical approval.
  3. Medical items such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, machinery and canes are all subject to medical approval before being placed into a cell.
  4. Prescription medication may be accepted provided it is a current prescription and approved by the Medical Department.
  5. All inmates are permitted to have one (1) wedding ring (if married) (Must be a solid plain band no greater than $100.00 in value) and one (1) religious medallion (Less than $50.00 in value). These items must be requested through the requisition process and will only be accepted by mail.
  6. Inmates assigned to kitchen and outside work areas are permitted to have family members bring authorized work boots into the facility. These must be approved through the requisition system prior to delivery.
  7. Legal material is permitted only through the mail. No material will be accepted through the bonding window.  Excess legal material must be stored in inmate property. Requested trade outs are made through the requisition system.
  8. Religious study materials may be requested through the Chaplain services.
  9. If the commissary is unable to obtain the size of whites an inmate needs, the inmate must submit a requisition with the desired size for purchase. Indigent inmates are subject to receiving used whites from donations and excess storage.
  10. Inmates will be permitted 5 photos (NO PORNOGRAPHIC OR PHOTO COPIED MATERIAL) in their possession; any excess photos must be mailed home. Excess of 5 photos will be confiscated.