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Download a copy of the Henderson County PREA Audit Report (pdf) by clicking here.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Henderson County Detention Center has a Zero Tolerance Policy for all allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. All reports and accusations will be thoroughly investigated. All federal, state and local laws pertaining to inmate to inmate, inmate to staff and staff to inmate incidents will be enforced and prosecuted, if need be to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone who knowingly files a false complaint will be subject to a discipline hearing and or possible prosecution. HCDC conduct all administrative investigations of sexual abuse as well as support local law enforcement (KSP or sheriff's office) in any criminal investigation that may potentially lead to prosecution. If you need information about civil immigration call (866) 347-2423 to report an incident you may call: Confidential 24-hour answering system at the facility which inmates and family may access any time - 866-397-5211 KY State Policeódial 911

PREA REPORT SUMMARY 6/30/20-7/1/21

The Henderson County Detention Center booked 2,169 inmates into the facility between 6/30/20 – 7/1/21. The number of PREA incidents investigated during this time period:

11 separate incidents were reported during this period

3 were substantiated

7 were unfounded

1 was unsubstantiated

There is a noticeable decrease in reportable allegations, part of which is attributed due to the decrease in number of inmates and it may also indicate that PREA standards, procedures and trainings are helping to deter sexual abuse.

In order to help eliminate any blind spots in the facility, additional cameras are purchased and installed as needed.

This agency and the PREA Coordinator continue to address sexual abuse by updating the policies, procedures and training as needed to combat the issue and help promote a safe environment for all.

Henderson County booked 4,395 inmates into the facility between 7/1/18 and 6/30/19.

The number of PREA incidents investigated during this time period:

6 separate incidents were reported during this time period of which:

1 was substantiated,

5 were unsubstantiated,

6 were consensual.

5 were inmate to inmate and 1 was inmate to staff.

Henderson County booked 2,955 inmates into the facility between 7/1/19 and 6/30/20.

The number of PREA incidents investigated during this time period:

19 separate incidents were reported during this time period of which:

13 were substantiated,

2 were un-founded,

4 were unsubstantiated and

12 were consensual.

15 incidents were inmate to inmate and 4 were staff to inmate.

We attribute our increase in PREA reports partly due to inmates having more access to be able to report incidents of this nature with the addition of the tablet forms. Additionally, the facility has accepted more inmates of special classifications, to include charges sexual in nature, from other facilities. These special classifications of inmates may be at higher risk of being a victim and/or perpetrator of sexual assault than inmates who are not housed under special classifications. The facility works year-round to ensure staff, inmates, and contractors are educated on PREA and utilizes past PREA cases for training purposes. In the year of 2020, the facility has trained 86 past and current staff members and 26 current contract staff, with new training courses being conducted as needed.